Jmate P3 Portable JUUL Charging Case

6.000 KWD

800mAh powerbank for JUUL

Holds JUUL + 3 Pods

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  • Compact and portable JUUL charger
  • 800mAh battery can fully charge JUUL four times
  • Side slot can hold up to 3 extra JUUL pods
  • Sleek lightweight design

About Jmate P3 Portable JUUL Charging Case

The Jmate P3 JUUL Charging Case is the slickest, most compact JUUL charging accessory on the market. With the P3, Jmate has taken everything that was loved about their popular P2 charger and improved on it even further.  With a built-in 800mAh battery, the P3 can charge a JUUL from empty to completely full four times! The intelligent design of this compact case is never more apparent than in its slick side slots. Simply drop your JUUL into the slot on the side (with or without a pod installed) and it begins charging immediately. The other side has a similar slot that can hold up to 3 extra JUUL pods. This case is the ultimate JUUL companion and is perfect for traveling, camping or any situation you might be away from a power outlet. Pick one up and make sure you’re never stuck in a vapeless situation again!