Joyetech Teros Ultra Portable System

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Joyetech¬†presents the the Teros Ultra Portable System a buttonless device with a 2ml juice cartridge, 1.85 constant output, 480 mAh built in battery, and unique photochromic and thermochromic finishes. The Teros refillable pod system has 0.5 ohm atomizer resistance, 2ml juice capacity, and a side fill port. These cartridges are made with a proprietary connection featuring a gold plated connection and also serve as the device’s drip tip. There are two cartridges included with this package. The 480 mAh built-in battery is pair with an LED battery life indicator to notify the user of current battery levels. The Teros also has a micro USB charge port on the side of the device. The Joyetech Teros has unique finishes that change with either sunlight or temperature. PC1 and PC2 are photochromatic and change with the sunlight; PC1 changes from white to pink and PC2 changes from yellow to red. TC1 and TC2 are thermochromatic and change with the temperature; TC1 changes from red to yellow and TC2 changes from purple to red. Silver and black finishes are not color changing. The Joyetech Teros is a low profile device with a set of features that allow it to be competitive in today’s ultra portable device market.

Product Features:

  • All in One System
    • Draw Activated Firing
    • 1.85V Constant Voltage
  • Refillable Teros Pod System
    • 2ml Capacity
    • 0.5 ohm Atomizer Resistance
    • Proprietary Connection
    • Side Fill Port
  • Plug and Play Connection
    • Gold Plated Proprietary Connection
    • Pod Serves as Drip Tip
  • 480 mAh Built In Battery
    • LED Battery Life Indicator
      • 50% or More
        • Green
      • 20% to 49%
        • Solid Red
      • 1% to 19%
        • Blinking Red Light
    • USB Charging Port
      • Located on the Side of the Device
  • Color Changing Finishes Available
    • PC1
      • White to Pink
      • Changes Color with Sunlight
    • PC2
      • Yellow to Red
      • Changes Color with Sunlight
    • TC1
      • Red to Yellow
      • Changes with Temperature
    • TC2
      • Purple to Red
      • Changes with Temperature
    • Silver and Black Finishes are non-color changing.

Product Dimensions

  • 90mm by 29mm by 12mm

Product Includes:

  • One Joyetech Teros Battery
  • Two Joyetech Teros Cartridges
  • One Warning Card
  • One User Manual
  • One Warranty Card
  • One USB Charging Cable