JUUL Pods by JUM – 50mg

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Pack of 4 JUUL Compatible pods

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JUM 0.7ML Prefilled Replacement Compatible Pods
JUM Pods are Pre-filled Replacement Pods with pure 5% Class A USP Grade Nicotine.


Classic Tobacco
JUM Classic Tobacco Pods are perfect for the all day vape. Made with premium organic flavors, JUM Classic Tobacco Pods have medium-soft Virginia style tobacco flavor, nice body and are considered by many as an everyday favorite.

Coffee Blend
JUM Coffee Blend Pods are the finest aroma of fine coffee beans that were picked at the dawn of a crisp dew-laden morning. Get the taste of rich delicious coffee in our delightful JUM Coffee Blend Pods

Mighty Mango
JUM Mighty Mango Pods are like a wild and juicy stone fruit picked from tropical trees, it makes your taste buds dance with delight. Take a tropical island vaping vacation with JUM Mighty Mango Pods!